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Consumer products companies play in an increasingly competitive space, with disruptive influences at every turn. Brand or private label? Big Box, specialty distribution, or both – and how does internet presence factor in? On shore or off shore manufacturing? And companies are squeezed between the customer’s desires for the latest products at the lowest price and increasing pressure in commodity, packaging, and transportation prices. Our people have built and run consumer product companies around the globe, and we bring a practical view based on decades of experience.

Owners also know that all areas of the company need to work and grow together. FortéONE’s approach to the consumer products industry encompasses that big picture view of the elements you need to win in today’s environment:  Strategy, Revenue Growth, Operations, Finance, System & Information, Strategy, and Organizational Development. 

FortéONE and our consultants have worked “in house” with hundreds of consumer products companies to achieve results by taking thoughtful action to implement:

  • Development of stronger brands (including private label client brands) and strengthened relationships with key retailers and suppliers

  • Pricing strategies that clear the market and deliver bottom line profits

  • Growth in existing and new markets, both domestic and international

  • Refined product development processes focused on maximizing profitability and manufacturing capacity – through an inclusive Stage Gate process

  • Stronger sales, inventory, and operations planning processes (SIOP) to ensure businesses are selling and producing products at the highest margin

  • Higher product profitability and stock-keeping unit (SKU) rationalization at a plant and firm-wide level

  • Six Sigma improvement principles, improve throughput using the theory of constraints, conduct and lead Kaizen events, and employ other efficiency improvement and waste reduction initiatives

  • Process and production line analysis, and optimize all plant processes


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