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Organizational Development

Creating a performance culture through talent optimization, staffing/design, and compliance

FortéONE works with your team to optimize your talent and develop your organization’s capability through alignment of strategy, structure, management processes, people, and rewards and metrics. This is more than “HR” – it’s about utilizing your people effectively, reducing risk / compliance exposure, and creating a permanent culture of performance.


People are the most valuable resource in building a business, and good decisions about people usually provide the most leverage. We often work with clients whose businesses have outgrown the structure of their organization and talented people doing the wrong jobs in these companies. The business has grown and changed, and people have “fit themselves into” new and often undefined roles.


Once strategies and priorities for the company are clearly defined, FortéONE (i) reviews the current organization, (ii) helps build the organizational structure, and (iii) put the right people in the right places to position the business for success.

Highly Effective Leaders and Employees

  • Is there strong leadership throughout? If not, what are the plans to top-grade and develop employees?

  • Does the company have the right organizational structure with well-defined reporting and responsibilities?

  • Are all managers fully engaged and contributing? Does each employee understand how he/she contributes to the company’s success?


Aligned Culture

  • Are owners and employees aligned in their understanding of goals, priorities and values? Are incentives aligned with “stretch yet achievable” objectives?

  • Do leaders reinforce the above regularly in all employee meetings with “success sharing” and Q&A sessions?


Trusted Relationships with Customers, Owners, Management, Employees, and Suppliers

  • Customer/client/supplier satisfaction and trust tested? How does leadership identify opportunities for improvement? Are repeat business and customer attrition measured? Are suppliers ranked?

  • How are management and employee satisfaction, as well as fair feedback, assured?

  • Are opportunities for improvement discussed? Or do managers “eat their young?”

The Outcome? Strong leadership, organizational structure, and employee performance that accelerate a company’s ability to generate revenue and sustain growth. 

Organizational Intelligence

Even the best leaders have blind spots that can create silos, strategic risks, and missed opportunities. That’s why it’s important to gather insights from both large populations and targeted groups within your organization. Enter Forté Analytic Survey Tool -- FAST for short. 


FAST is an efficient, online tool used to gather targeted data from a large number employees in an organization no matter how geographically disbursed they are. The tool is designed to create analytic feedback useful in identifying opportunities to create growth, identify blockages and other opportunities for cost containment, or profit enhancement. The tool is designed as a 360-degree view of the organization but can be customized to pay special attention to perceived areas of opportunity or need.

Recent Engagements​


National Restaurant Holding Company

National firm with more than 7,000 employees. H/R processes were outdated, labor laws were changing, and the business was expanding to new states. Following an assessment of the department that involved all business units, a transition plan was developed and a new H/R executive was identified and hired to lead the department into the future.

Regional Trucking/Drayage Provider 
Classic founders trap, owner had not developed or empowered a leadership team. He was working “in the business” and was the impediment to further growth. We identified the change and priorities throughout the company to move him to the next level, and introduced a coach to assist him psychologically in making the transition.

National Legal Services Provider

Founder had created a culture of control, and she was unable to keep good people and continue the firm’s growth. We were hired to identify the changes needed to grow the firm and to build sustainability without the founder. We assisted with changes in organizational design, marketing, sales, reporting, and personnel management. The founder struggled with loss of “hands on” control, and the PE owners elected to hire a new CEO to replace the founder.

FortéONE Team - Example Talent Experts

Enterprising HR executive who has led large scale initiatives for financial services, warehousing and distribution and marketing organizations over the past 40 years; previous companies include: NBD Illinois, L.B. Foster, and Merkle Agency Solutions 


Human resources leader and lawyer with 25+ years of experience directing HR functions in both start-up ventures and established organizations; previous companies include: lifeWatch, Alterian, IFS North America, and Open Port


HR Management expert with over 15 years of experience  in all facets of the human resource function, spanning the entire employee lifecycle; previous companies include: HR Mentor, Voyageur One, Stretch Inc, and Elevate Studies

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