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Prepare for Sale

High-impact improvements for maximum market valuation and transition support


FortéONE works cooperatively with your other advisors preparing your company to sell in a manner that maximizes its value. We customize a team that creates a time sensitive plan of action to maximize value.


FortéONE will work with current ownership to help you understand the factors that influence your company and show you how to control/improve them.

Common Mistakes

  • Every business owner will exit their business – and most think they can plan that exit event. In reality, 30% to 50% of private business transitions are driven by unplanned events.

  • Many entrepreneurs believe they can provide the best solutions for their tough business problems. But you don’t know what you don’t know. When the stakes are high, on the job training can be very expensive

  • Owners often believe that the passage of time will provide a solution to tough problems. But time is the enemy in business. When you fail to quickly address business issues, cash flow and profits can quickly suffer.

To maximize value in your business, you need to run it like you plan to sell it tomorrow and think like a buyer in the process.

In our experience helping middle market businesses, we have seen these four common problems. Our engagement with you will ensure that these obstacles are managed before you go to market.

  • Missing a written strategic plan with current goals that are shared throughout the company

  • Room for improvement to top-line revenue, and need for an upgrade to sales strategy, structure, and training

  • Outdated, ineffective, and/or inefficient business operations and systems

  • No apparent exit strategy and a succession plan

Our team will work with you to develop a written strategic plan, identify (and solve) high impact/high value problems, and outline a succession plan with a skilled leadership team that is available to go with the sale.

Recent Engagements

Regional Protein Processor with Branded Products
Firm was unprofitable, competitors were taking share, and family wanted to sell. We defined and implemented improvements to: product development, operations, pricing, finance, and sales, which included entry into Club Stores. Business was successfully sold; family stated that FortéONE “doubled the value of the company” (added more than $13MM in value).

National Electrical Contractor
Owner hired us to increase profits by at least $2-3MM in preparation for sale of this firm. We worked internally with his crews and managers, and implemented changes throughout the firm, including Project staffing and management, estimating, operations and a centralized purchasing process that together increased profits more than $3MM. Firm was successfully sold in 2016.

National Medical Device Repair and Manufacturer

The firm was struggling to integrate 3 acquisitions, margins were decreasing, and clients were consolidating. We assessed the firm, then worked internally with their operations, finance and sales teams to reorganize the firm, install SIOP/supply chain firm wide, and change sales processes. Sales now at 15% growth, profits increased from $2.5MM to $6MM, and firm is receiving purchase offers at high multiples.

Specialty Construction Company

Specialty construction firm had lost confidence in their CEO, were considering selling to an industry competitor, and asked FortéONE to assume leadership. We stabilized the operations, assisted with sale preparation and strategy (accelerating the successful sale), and ran the firm while highly engineered custom projects were completed and/or transitioned to the new owners—all the while managing 170+ vendors, 20+ jobs, $ millions in overdue payables, and the expectations of both old and new owners.

FortéONE Team

FortéONE will provide an engagement team to meet the demands of your project dependent upon functional and industry skills necessary to drive value creation. Our teams have worked across multiple industries and have deep knowledge of the sale preparation process.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you prepare for your company for sale with maximum valuation.