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Revenue Growth

Organic sales improvement, sales structure, leadership, holistic marketing strategy, and pricing

World class marketing & sales processes enable a business to achieve and sustain revenue growth above their industry norms. Customer intelligence, sales strategy, and sales structure are just the beginning. FortéONE develops and executes comprehensive “go-to-market” strategies and delivers improved sales performance customized to the unique industries and operating environments 



We have helped many of our clients grow their sales and build professional sales organization. Some have more than doubled their sales within 18 months. But more importantly, they now have sales organizations in place that are both predictable and scalable. The black box of sales is gone. They now know how to select and train salespeople and sales managers, how to fill the sales funnel, how to run a high conversion sales process, and they have the tools to look over the horizon and monitor sales production.

Achieving that goal is possible for any company with the courage to ask the following questions and the leadership to make changes.

Strong Company Brand

  • Has the company defined who it is, what it does, and three meaningful points of difference?

  • Do all stakeholders understand the offerings (products and services)? Are marketing and sales clear on the benefits?


Strong Sales Leadership

  • Do you have a tested process for selecting salespeople and sales leaders?

  • Have the Sales leaders and account managers been trained in and demonstrated owner alignment and customer relationship building?

  • Do they apply team motivation/management daily?Are annual Key Issues & Opportunities Reviews completed for all important geographies, categories, customers and product lines?


Annual Sales Planning

  • Are annual Key Issues & Opportunities Reviews completed for all important geographies, categories, customers and product lines?

  • Has a Sales Growth Plan been developed with advanced tactics regarding offering mix, pricing, promotions, new products/services, etc.?


Sales Performance – Delivery, Tracking, and Forecasting

  • Are sales tracked by account manager, customer and key product/service? Is this reported with “reasons why” at least monthly?

  • Does Sales Management track and forecast what is happening in every key prospect and current customer account (Red/Yellow/Green status and relationship details)?

  • Does the company know the likely pipeline dollars to be achieved next month and quarter?


Ongoing Innovation that Leverages Proprietary Strengths and Intellectual Property

  • What are the “trend-right” areas for growth in the company’s categories? Are resources being allocated to this future lifeblood of the firm’s profitability?

  • What new competitive barriers are being built and which can be strengthened?


The Outcome? Robust marketing and sales organizations that deliver targeted revenue growth.

FOCUS HIGHLIGHT: Strategic Pricing


Pricing is one of the most important financial levers you can pull to impact the bottom line. We can empower you to make better pricing decisions that will maximize your profit. Product and customer segmentation, value based insights, elasticity modeling are some levers that can be used to drive results. We develop executable solutions that are implemented along side key decision makers.


With a wide variety of industry and consulting experience our consultants bring practical solutions that drive sustainable results. Every solution is data driven to ensure that it is customized for the needs of our client. In addition to pricing we drive results via other revenue management best practices. From discounts to product mix and innovation, we provide a complete revenue management best practice toolbox. Our clients are left with valuable skills that allow them to sustain results and continue their revenue management journey. 

Pricing Architecture

  • Where should my offerings be positioned and why?

  • What market / industry drivers should have the greatest impact on my pricing strategy?

  • What are the price based customer segments I serve and what is there corresponding willingness to pay?



  • Are we looking at the right building blocks to achieve my pricing goals?

  • Do we have the right KPIs in place?

  • How should we evaluate the total portfolio revenue impact of new business opportunities?


Price Change Management

  • What are other revenue management levers that can grow my bottom line?

  • What is the best way to communicate price changes?

  • Do I need innovation to support my pricing goals?


Promo and Trade Management

  • How can I optimize my bid pricing?

  • Do I know my ROI on promotions that I run? How do I maximize it?

  • How can I increase the conditionality of my discount investments into the market?


Mix Management

  • Do I understand how consumers migrate between my offers?

  • How do I use price to drive sales to higher margin offers?

  • What trade tools can I use to drive my mix?

Recent Engagements

National Homegoods Importer and Distributor
PE firm realized the firm, though profitable, was ignoring a huge online opportunity for their 20,000 SKUs. We developed a plan for reorganizing the sales team, changing account management, adding Sales Leadership, and setting performance goals. These recommendations were adopted; firm is on track to add more than $10MM in online revenue. 

National Frozen Food Manufacturer & Distributor

Sales had stalled for 5 years, and profitable growth was the objective. We implemented a growth plan that included new markets, new pricing, and new sales processes. Firm grew 20% ($5MM+) in 18 months and profits more than doubled to $2MM+.

Food Manufacturer & Distributor, Regional Distribution
Firm had flat profits and unfocused strategy. We developed a plan that discontinued work in money losing acquisitions, expanded the markets for core products, and reduced seasonality of sales. Profit impact of $300k+.

Frozen Food Manufacturer

Over $1B in size, experiencing steady decline in profits over the last five years due to share losses driven by aggressive price competition. Elected to totally re-brand offer and increase quality to help create increased differentiation.  Through transaction modelling and consumer research we were able to identify the differential value that had been created versus competition. Key finding drove client to price tier their offer into core and premium creating greater margin upside. Retailer facing selling stories were developed to communicate the benefit to their margin and the market opportunity around the customer’s willingness to pay. Implementation of tiered pricing delivered 1.8% increase in margin/unit and 13.2% increase in total margin dollars due to increased sales.


Waste Management Company

$2B client was growing based on an aggressive acquisition strategy however, net sales per customer was declining indicating that value was being destroyed. In an effort to harmonize pricing between the acquisitions and deal with customer complaints, inconsistent pricing and discounts were being provided. The ROI of each discount tactic was evaluated and low leverage tactics were eliminated. Additionally, a customer lifetime value algorithm was developed that helped score customers on the level of discount they should receive based on their value to the company.  These findings were formalized into a pricing and discount playbook. Following the sales force rollout of the playbook, the client experienced 2.9% growth in Net Sales per customer.


Mid-tier Transport Service Company

$200M company, despite taking annual price increases company was realizing no improvement in net price per pound.  Price increases were driven by a fixed percentage spread across all routes.  Performance analysis uncovered that back haul trips were running at 50% capacity and demand modelling identified drastically different customer willingness to pay by route. Using a robust pricing model based on industry segmentation, lane differentiation and customer willingness to pay we were able to identify optimized pricing targets. Upon implementation of the new pricing model client realized 4.7% increase in Net Sales per pound.

FortéONE Team - Examples Sales & Marketing Experts

Strategic sales and marketing executive with 30+ years in business services, manufacturing, and CPG; examples of previous clients include: Fiserve, Monsanto, Dun & Bradstreet, Corporate Express, and MasterCard


Marketing and strategy executive with 35+ years’ experience in CPG with business building, brand development, new products/market expansion; previous companies include: Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s,  and Interstate Brands


Marketing executive and GM with 25+ years’ experience in global food manufacturing; previous companies include: Mizkan Americas, Venezia Italian Foods, Rolly’s Convenience Foods, and Specialty Brands/Campbell Soup

Revenue Management Executive with over 20+ years experience in B2B, B2C and consulting; examples of previous clients include: Johnson Controls, Bob Evans Farms, Farley’s & Sathers and Ansell


Revenue Management Executive with over 15+ years experience in analytics, B2B, B2C and consulting; examples of previous clients include: Tim Hortons, Molson Coors and Optima Batteries


Pricing Leaders with over 15+ years experience in airlines, research and CPG; examples of previous clients include: Roper, AB InBev, Wells Enterprises, ConAgra Foods, Brady Corporation and McDonald’s



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