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Testimonial: Computing Device Distributor

Norm Dumbroff’s story of how FortéONE helped WAV Incorporated pave the way for growth and success.

Goal: Take the company to the next level by increasing revenue


In March 2010, Norm contacted FortéONE because his company – a distributor of wireless, rugged and mobile computing devices – wasn’t growing as quickly as he wanted and he thought they could capture more of the market.


Establishing Credibility

Within the first 10 days employees embraced the process and started stepping up automatically to help the company succeed in it’s growth mission. In Norm’s words, “It was amazing. It was like the floodgates opened up with new ideas.”


In 2 years, the company’s revenue has grown about 55%.  “I think the growth is really what we’ve wanted to achieve,” says Norm. “We stepped up. We created the change under FortéONE’s direction.”

Tips for Success


In order to realize success, you have to have complete buy in. “Don’t just stand aside and let things happen,” encourages Norm. “Be active and engaged.”