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Underperforming Business Renewal

Comprehensive diagnostic and implementation; turnaround & restructuring support

Missing your projections but not sure why? Do you have a market with tremendous potential but results that don’t keep up? Are you out of covenant with your lender or in a turnaround situation? FortéONE can quickly assess the key drivers to create growth and value in a business that is not meeting its potential. The action plan will identify the supplemental talent from our team to work alongside your team to deliver significant growth in a short time frame.



FortéONE will provide the clarity to get an answer to the problems keeping you awake at night. Without knowing exactly what’s wrong in your company, it’s hard to implement a value creation plan that delivers the business performance you want. Our Business Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic approach, designed to determine where changes are needed in your business and provide a clear action plan to implement these changes.

We begin with a conversation with you to understand your business and the results you want to achieve. Over the course of about a month, we learn the details of your company, working on your behalf to:

  • Perform a business analysis

  • Report on what is really happening inside your business – from the view of an industry expert

  • Advise you on the actions you can take to improve performance

When you're ready to take the next steps, we are right along side you and your team to implement the changes necessary to improve your business.

In instances where your business is in a turnaround or restructuring situation, FortéONE will provide leadership support that will help you identify your options and get your business to its next phase.

Recent Engagements

National Specialty Construction Company

National firm with 6 regional offices hired FortéONE after losing money for the first time in 81 years. We assessed and implemented improvements throughout the firm, including operations, sourcing, engineering, finance, sales, project planning, construction crews, etc. Three years later the firm moved from break even to $23MM in annual profit.

National Food & Consumables Distributor

Multilevel marketer struggling with annual losses from reduced revenues and high internal costs. Prepared a company wide growth/turnaround plan which was adopted by the firm. Reduced staff and other expenses by $9MM annually, changed consultant promotional programs, raised prices on 26 items (first time in history), and developed a cash flow/profit monitoring tool used by all managers. Firm on track to make money in 2017.

National Frozen Food Manufacturer & Distributor

Sales had stalled for 5 years, and profitable growth was the objective. We implemented a growth plan that included new markets, new pricing, and new sales processes. Firm grew 20% ($5MM+) in 18 months and profits more than doubled to $2MM+.

Regional Protein Processor with Branded Products

Firm was unprofitable, competitors were taking share, and family wanted to sell. We defined and implemented improvements to: product development, operations, pricing, finance, and sales, which included entry into Club Stores. Business was successfully sold; family stated that FortéONE “doubled the value of the company” (added more than $13MM in value).

National Medical Device Repair and Manufacturer

The firm was struggling to integrate 3 acquisitions, margins were decreasing, and clients were consolidating. We assessed the firm, then worked internally with their operations, finance and sales teams to reorganize the firm, install SIOP/supply chain firm wide, and change sales processes. Sales now at 15% growth, profits increased from $2.5MM to $6MM, and firm is receiving purchase offers at high multiples.

Regional Transportation Logistics Provider
This privately held warehousing and logistics firm needed assistance reaching their 10% profit goal (they were at 2%). We identified opportunities and implemented changes with Warehouse Management, Talent Optimization, Pricing, the Leadership Team and KPI/Performance monitoring. We are working in the firm to implement these changes, which will increase profits by $1MM+.

FortéONE Team - Example Renewal/Turnaround Experts

Marketing and strategy executive with 35+ years’ experience in CPG with business building, brand development, new products/market expansion; previous companies include: Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s,  and Interstate Brands

Turnaround and finance expert with 25+ years of experience providing planning and transaction support to underperforming companies, with a focus of returning these companies to positive cash flow and sustained profitability.

Strategy & operations leader with 30+ years’ experience in business services and consulting; previous companies include: Kodak, Accenture, Deloitte, Canyon Management, and Crossroads.

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